When I started publishing my first article in March 2020, the lockdown imposed in European countries due to the covid-19 pandemic had just begun. I had been writing bits and pieces already for a long time but up to that moment not actually published anything. So, the pandemic kinda sped things up.

What I published on LinkedIn then during this challenging year was very different from the topics I had been writing about so far. But that’s just how it goes. Things take on a momentum of their own. The need for positive, inspirational stories and news, for sharing joy and encouragement became overwhelmingly clear to me.

Looking back on 2020 my learning curve was steep. And it continues.

Starting this blog now I am curious where it will take me. My mission is about sharing positive stories, giving impulses to take a different viewpoint, inviting you to consider the glass as half full.

I am a German living and working in the Netherlands (Utrecht) since April 2015. Before, I spent more than 3 years in Ireland, and the largest part of my life of course, in Germany.

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