Ideas and Inspiration

José Andrés’ non-profit organization World Central Kitchen provides meals in the wake of natural and humanitarian disasters. During 2020 he and his team spent most of their time on supporting many Americans suffering in the covid-19 pandemic. After the massive explosion struck Beirut in summer 2020 he and his team connected immediately with locals restaurants and started distributing meals to the city’s most damaged neighbourhoods in need.

Universal Basic Income – a concept worth considering which is moving more and more into view. Among the people lobbying for it are former US presidential candidate Andrew Yang, and Dutch historian and author Rutger Bregman.

Amanda Gorman reciting “The Hill we Climb” at the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, 20th Jan 2021. An impressive performance from an amazing young poet that truly needs no further words. Her later interview with James Corden is worth watching.

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